Day Last: Day 11

Well, unless you count tomorrow, Day 12 as a day. I suppose, officially, it *kind of* is, but…

So, Day 11…

Today was a day at sea. It was a very busy day at sea.

Up and at ’em at 7am. It was tough waking up this morning, what with the time change last night and going to bed so late! But up I got.

I swore I’d get me a *real* breakfast this morning. Truthfully, I just wasn’t up for it. So, it was oatmeal and grapefruit. Again. But I hear that it’s good for you, so okay, that’s a good thing…

Tai chi at 8am. Somehow this is all sounding more and more routine. Very routine. Time to get off the ship. Back to reality. When vacation has too much structure, there is something wrong.

But, I’m really glad that I did tai chi throughout this trip. It was a great “re-introduction” to it and I realized that I really wanted to take it up when I get back to reality.

Oh, ugly, ugly reality. I am not looking forward to it. Hmm… I have a feeling this log is going to be a rambler.

8:45am. Thermal suite. Oye veh. It was cold. The beds were cold, the steam rooms cold, the mineral bath. Cold. But I laid on the bed until it warmed up. That was around 9:30. Yeah, it took awhile, but I was reading one of my new graphic novels: “Fables”. It was really good. When I was done with it, I gave it to Jean. Hope she enjoys it, too!

10:00am. Deportation briefing. At least, that’s what the lady on deck 6 called it at the 1:30 meeting for the “On the Deck for the Cure” walk. Laughed pretty heartily for that one. It was really called the “Disembarkation” briefing. You know, info on how to get through Canadian customs with an Alaskan moose. An alien moose. How to get off the ship, without falling overboard (more on that later).

Along with the deportation info, there was an introduction to the crew. Well, not individually, but rather a large number of them onstage at the same time. Recognized so many of them. Hard to believe that in a week, one could meet so many people!

Actually, that was one of the most amazing things about doing this cruise: the number of folks I’ve met. Whether it be crew members, ship staff, performers, dancers. Oh, yeah, and the other passengers! It was great!!


11:00am. Salsa lessons!! Yay!! More dancing with Kristin and Lizzie! So much fun. Met Adam and Erin. Adam was the son of my tai chi partner, Barbara. The “six degrees of separation” that come with being on such a small boat are amazing! I had seen Adam and Erin around the boat a lot during the voyage, but never saw Adam with his mother, so it was just a weird shock to find out that they were related. And very cool.

Same thing happened a bit later when another woman who was in my tai chi class turned out to have done pilates with MY mother It was funny to have the same thing happen to us, where someone came up and started talking to us, only to find out we’d both met her, separately.

The salsa was great fun. Surprisingly, it was hard on the hips once we started doing body motions in addition to foot motions. Mine are still sore and it’s nearly midnight!

After salsa, we just hung out until lunch.

Originally, we were going to have lunch in the Rotterdam, but changed it up at the last minute, because there was a long wait and we needed to be done with lunch quickly so that we could be ready for the “On the Deck for the Cure” walk on Deck 6. This is the charity walk that Holland America sponsors, in conjunction with the Komen Foundation.

1:30pm. 5k walk for cancer. As mom and Sandy took off in a cloud of dust, I ended up walking the 13 laps around deck 6 with Helen. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know her a bit better. Such a delightful woman. And so funny!! We had a really great talk about all manner of things: her sons, career, grandchildren, etc. It was quite enjoyable!

After our 13 laps, we went for tea at the Rotterdam. It was advertised as an Indonesian Tea Ceremony, but ended up being just a themed tea. No ceremony involved, unless it happened before we arrived.

So, now that the walk was complete and the tea as well, we went back to the Thermal Suite for a last “hoorah”. It was, as always, well worth it. Stayed for nearly an hour! I think I *may* have fallen asleep for some period of time! Maybe 10 minutes, but still, I was pretty exhausted from the day.

Okay, still am pretty exhausted from the day. It’s midnight. Looks like the entire staff of the onboard shops had just walked in! There’s Katya from the hike the other day. Plus the cruise director, the D.J. (Mark), our wait staff from “The Pinnacle” this evening. Amazing!! All of them!

Ever feel like you’re in high school again? That’s sort of how this feels. There are all of these groups of people. It’s like a bunch of cliques. It’s very amusing to think of it that way, but it’s a weird sort of social structure…

7:00pm. Dinner at “The Pinnacle”. Dinner was both tasty and a nice experience. Well, until the we took a 90 degree turn and the ship practically turned sideways. Plates and glasses and people falling everywhere! It was a fiasco. The swimming pool on the Lido deck overflowed and flooded the facilities on Deck 10. OMG, it was quite an experience!!

But we recovered quickly and so did the crew. Nevertheless, it still feels like the ship is listing a bit.

Finally, we finished up the evening at the “Variety Show”. This was really just a comedy show with the two funny men who’d done shows, Jeff and Barnaby. Both were very funny, but I have to admit to having enjoyed Barnaby. Will have to look him up sometime, because he was really great.

Now, I am ready for bed, having completed my packing, etc.

Good night, MS Statendam!!