Day 9 of the Exhausting Alaskan Advenuture

OMG! So tired. So exhausted. Could go to sleep, but must finish my daily ritual…

And so it is on Day 9 of the Exhausting Alaskan Advenuture…

What a day it has been! All the usual early morning activiites: breakfast at 7, tai chi at 8. Headed to the Crow’s Nest for a bit more tai chi practice at 8:30. It was a good place to hang out at that time of the morning, as there was no one there. Was able to get another 20 minutes of practice in.

It does blur together at some point, though. I think I came back to the room and got a shower, then, after mom got done with her yoga, etc., we headed down to the Culinary Arts Center for a seminar on making smoothies. It was very basic. Nothing that both of us didn’t already know, but we did both get a free smoothie out of it. Vedy nice!

After that, we decided to go ashore. Oh yeah, we had anchored at Juneau, AK, at some point in the morning. Details, details! I’m sleepy, I tell you!!

Well, we got off of the ship at around 10:30pm and wandered around the shopping district in Juneau. I got a good feeling about the town almost immediately. It just seemed really mellow. Relaxed. Who knows, maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m finally chilling out, relaxing, winding down…

Nah. I did that by Monday. It really was mellow. Chilled. Relaxed.

Wandered around for a bit. Found a bookstore that was fun (didn’t buy anything), then found a comic book store (manga, graphic novels, etc.), where I bought a few things: Scott Pilgrim #1, Fables #1, Cinderella (dunno if it’s a series, but it looked fun), a print for Neil Graves and a Ranma 1/2 book for my masseuse. They shop had only been open about three weeks…oh, wait, a month. Proprietor was very nice. Told her about…

Lunch was at “El Sombrero” restaurant, which was okay. Got the recommendation from one of the on-ship performers. It was a good rec. Glad we ate there.

Mostly, though, that was because I was glad to have a good amount of energy stored up before the afternoon activity.

And, what a lot of activity it was!! Holy crap!!

Today was another “excursion” day. This time we did a “Guided, Interpretive Hike.” It was GREAT!! We left for our 30 minute shuttle ride to the Mendenhall glacier at around 12:50pm. Our guide was Scott, a guy with 43 years worth of nature experience. I think he said he worked for the National Park Service before going rogue and doing private tours.

He was AWESOME! Informative, funny, knowledgeable. And SO excited about the subject matter! Every few hundred feet, he’d stop and tell us about some new flora, fauna, glacier, waterfall, spec of dust. But he made it all seem so exciting. Like a great teacher, he got us all into the subject matter.

The group of us was pretty small: ma and I, the ranger (Scott), another young couple (mid-twenties) and a member of the ship’s staff (also mid-twenties to early thirties), Katya from Slovenia. The young couple kept to themselves for the most part, but Katya could talk the ears off of a rabbit. Not to say that she talked a lot, but that woman talked a lot. But, generally speaking, it was interesting. She had a nice accent and said lots of interesting things. Plus, most of the time, she and Scott were so far ahead of the rest of us that we couldn’t hear her.

The hike was relatively long. I *believe* that it was around 4 miles. At least, that’s what it was advertised as. And it was pretty steep, both up and down. I have convinced myself that the hike is the reason that I’m so wiped out. I suppose it’s a real possibility!

But I must stay awake to complete my log of the day, regaling my audience with tales of adventure! LOL! Like my audience would even notice if I failed to appear today. But I would!!! And that’s what matters!!!


We got back to the ship with minutes to spare before the “All Aboard”. I think Katya must have gotten into some trouble for being late, though she had NO control over it. Scott literally pushed us right up to the limit, time-wise!

Immediately, upon entry into our room, I removed my shoes and socks and spent the next hour and a half barefooted. My feet were so sore!

Of course, we headed straight to the “salvation” room, the thermal suite, where I spent AT LEAST an hour. It just felt so good!!!

Now, I’m sitting in the Lido, hanging out, eating a late night snack. The evening was pretty uneventful, really. We had dinner in the Rotterdam, then up to the Crow’s Nest to check out the (non-existent) action. We planned to head back to the Crow’s Nest at 9:30pm, but I ended up falling asleep at around 9:10. Should have stayed asleep, but wanted to finish up this little log.

All-in-all, a bloody EXHAUSTING day!!

It was AWESOME!!