Day 6 Continued: Passenger Log – Cruise Date 2012.05.28

We’ve boarded an alien pleasure vessel. In the interest of “research,” we’ve been sampling all of the alien leisure activities.

The morning began at 6:30am. Though we don’t necessarily ‘like’ being up early, duty called.

First it was a bit of grub from the cantina on the Lido deck. Gruel. Oatmeal. And exotic fruits (melon, mostly).

Next, it was off to the training center for a bout of PT. Ran for 30 minutes, then headed out to the pool on the Lido deck for martial arts training: tai chi. Luckily it was very basic, for neither myself nor my co-passenger were up for anything more challenging.

After 30 minutes of tai chi, we headed back to our personal cantina, the Neptune Lounge, for a cup o joe and some more exotic fruits, including a delicious orange fruit called ‘mango.’ Then it was back our quarters for a few minutes to change into water-wear in order to enjoy the pleasures of a ‘jacuzzi.’ Very, very nice.

Once we finished researching the effects of the ‘jacuzzi,’ we headed back to our quarters and changed out of water-wear and cleaned up for our next activity: learning a native dance called the ‘rumba’.

Do you know how difficult it is to keep up the “log” concept. Okay, reverting to standard vacationeer narrative.

“Learn to Rumba” was held in the “Crow’s Nest” on deck 12 at 11:30am. It was taught by two beautiful lasses named Kristen and Lizzie. The rumba is a fun, four-count dance that uses a lot of hip action. We mastered it in less than 20 minutes and were dancing like pros in less than 30. It was great!

Next: LUNCH!! Headed down to the Rotterdam Dining Room, where we seated with a couple of lovely ladies (Cleo and Pat) from Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA, as well as a nice couple from North Carolina (Laura and John). I had a Canadian Burger (it had Canadian bacon – mmm, bacon). We didn’t stay for desert (sacrilege, eh?), but headed back to the Neptune Lounge and spent a little downtime reading.

That is, until 2pm, when we went back to visit those lovely ladies of dance, Lizzie and Kristin, for our next dance class, “Learn to Waltz.” The waltz was a lot simpler than the rumba, though it did have a couple of tough parts: 1) you have to watch your partner, not your feet; and 2) there was this part after you got the basic box step, where you had to do this up on your toes, flat on your feet motion that I just couldn’t get the hang of. Nevertheless, it was a blast!

With the completion of our dance education (!), we headed back to the cabin for a short rest before my most anticipated event of the day: a deep-tissue massage.

My massage therapist (who referred to herself as a masseuse) was named Jean. She was from the Philippines.

OMG, the massage was like torture at times. But, you know, I mean that in the nicest possible way! Well, actually, it hurt, but afterward, as I lay on the table, a limp noodle, I felt AMAZING!! Jean was able to squeeze a lot of the tension out of my muscles and it was the best I’ve felt, muscularly, in months.

And, she seduced me into coming back for another session on Friday. Yes, it was that good!! And yes, I am REALLY looking forward to my next session. It’s gonna be great. Plus, she was fun to chat with.

Finally, after the massage, I went and lay down in the thermal suite for a few minutes, then hopped in the sauna.

I am so relaxed. Less than 24 hours on the boat and I never want to leave this Shangri-La!!