Day 7 of Byli’s Big Adventure. With Mom.

Early morning rising… Well, yes and no. We didn’t get up until 7am. Turned out to be a VERY lazy morning. Actually, so did the entire day!

Tai chi at 8am. Learned new forms. Something about brushing a wild horse or something like it. I like Tai Chi a lot. Wanna find a new class to take at home.

Thermal suite afterward. The mineral spa was empty. Was a bit annoyed with that, until Margo informed me of the reason later on. Some old man had a little “accident” in the tub. Some mention of “fecal matter.” Better that it was cleaned thoroughly!

Headed back to the cabin after spending 20 minutes on the thermal bed. Once again, best deal of the cruise! So, relaxing!!

Ma did some yoga and walking while I was busy with my 8-to-9 hour. She wimped out on the tai chi because it was out on the Lido deck by the pool, but the roof over the pool was slightly open and it was cold! Wuss!!

Of course, she did work out for an hour, whereas I spent the hour mostly relaxing!!

9am. Went back to the cabin. Got a shower. Hung out in the Neptune Lounge for awhile.

10:30am. Went to the movie theater to watch some nature documentaries about Alaska and Glacier Bay. Educational. Informative. Pretty pictures.

12:15pm. Lunch. Feeling very anti-social. Ate at our own table. The kitchen finally got mom’s vegan menu request right! Yay, kitchen!!

For lunch (we ate in the Rotterdam dining room), I had Hungarian Goulash with spaetzel. It was yummy!!!

Skipped out on the bill. At least that’s what it always feels like when we leave a dining room here!

1:15pm. Back to the room? This is where it all gets hazy. From this point until 5:30pm, I was in and out of consciousness. Saw a lot of water, mountains and the Margerie Glacier, which was SPECTACULAR. I took lots of pics and will post when we get into a friendlier internet environment. At 75 cents per minute, picture uploading is out for the time being. But it will be worth the wait.

So, like I said, I was in and out of consciousness. It must have been a combination of factors: 6 days of non-stop fun, late nights writing and carousing, early morning wake-ups, life. I just could not keep my eyes open. Plus, I was in a crappy mode. I attribute it all to that massage yesterday. Squeezing all of that tension and negativity out of my muscles, into the blood stream…

I am sore from the massage, but my body feels so much better than before I had it. Just what I was hoping for. Can’t wait till Friday, when I get another round of abuse from the lovely masseuse / seductress, Jean.

5:45pm. Headed to dinner early. Sat with Tom and Mary from dinner Sunday (totally coincidental), as well as a nice lady, Olivia and her daughter Anna, from Vancouver, who are in their second week of life onboard. They went northbound, from Vancouver to Seward, last week, and are returning home this week.

After dinner (I had salmon; mom had black-bean patties), we went and listened to the “Adagio Strings,” a lovely string quartet who played a Bach, Vivaldi and a couple of other nice pieces. They have to be Italian. It was as fun to watch them interact with one another as it was to listen to them play.

Ran into Helen and Sandy Abel whilist at the “Adagio Strings” show. I think we’re planning to have dinner with them sometime. They are a very nice couple. Oh, yeah, they’re the Scottish folks.

8:00pm. John Burghart. Comedian. Funny. Does anyone remember Paul Lind? I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t have remembered Uncle Arthur (Bewitched), but the comedian did such a great job of impersonating him that I couldn’t HELP but recognize him!

9:00pm. Thermal Suite. Ran into Jean. Her eyes lit up when she saw me… She even came to visit the thermal suite on the pretext of checking out the steam rooms, but I know the truth.

Anyway, fantasy aside, I did spend a half hour in the thermal room. It felt soooooo good. Why didn’t someone tell me that spas were so awesome? Really!!

Had to wake mom up before going back to the room. She was out cold on the thermal bed!!

So, now it’s 10:45pm and I’m writing. Waiting to head upstairs for a late night snack. Then it’s off to bed. Tomorrow’s another event-filled day here in the time outside of time – Vacation Time.