Day 2 of the Great Alaska Adventure!

The day started with a lovely breakfast at the Snow City Cafe. I had a great omelette and ma had the oatmeal. Very relaxed, mellow environment. Tasty food!Picked up the rental at ~8am and headed off to Seward, AK. On the way, passed by Girdwood and the Alyeska Tram. As it was already raining, we chose not to take the tram to the top of the mountain. Disappointing, but no sense in it, since we wouldn’t have seen anything anyway!Next, we continued down Route 1 and turned off to Portage Glacier. Honestly, I don’t think we actually made it there, but it was a beautiful drive and the lake we saw was gorgeous!

From Portage Glacier, it’s about 90 miles to Seward. Lots and lots and lots of mountains and snow. The weather was dreary, but the conversation was lively all the way down. An enjoyable road trip.

While driving down to Seward, we decided on a restaurant called the “Resurrection Roadhouse”. It took awhile to find it, but it was well worth it. I had a vegie burger and sweet potato fries (OMG, SO DELICIOUS!!). Ma had the Salmon Salad, sans Salmon. Vegan options…

After a visit to Safeway and an AWESOME mango smoothie from Nature’s Nectars, we started back to Anchorage. Long, slow drive. Dreary. And I was drowsy the whole time.

Well, until I spied the Espresso Truck at a rest stop halfway back. Met a lovely woman from New Zealand, who I promptly insulted by asking if she was from Australia! Oh well. But she still gave me coffee, so it was all good!!

Once we got back to Anchorage, we had to stop off and pick up some coconut tea from Indigo Tea Lounge. I had the tea at Ginger, for dinner last night and it was really good!

Back at the hotel, we’re now sitting in front of a fire in the lobby, enjoying a little relaxation while saving up our hunger to go visit “Yak and Yeti,” a Nepalese / Indian restaurant in mid-town. Oughta be interesting!! Gotta love the name!!