First Dance Lesson w/Cedric

Abdiel Cedric Jacobsen is an amazing dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company.  He is also an accomplished ballroom dancer.  And now, he is our teacher.

This evening, Turquoise and I had the pleasure of taking our first lesson with him, a wedding gift given to us by Patti Villone and Ana Tomic.  And what a fantastic gift!

Arthur Murray is a very limiting environment when it comes to learning ballroom.  They only allow you to learn at a pace that maximizes their $$ potential.  It has been a very frustrating place to learn, at times.  I count myself lucky that I’ve been able to learn as much as I have, to move as quickly as I have, to the Associate Silver level in only 2.5 years.  For most ladies it takes twice that length to get to this level.

Our lesson was at the Chevy Chase Ballroom.  We were able to spend an hour working with Cedric on Bolero:  technique, school figures, etc.  And what an hour it was!!  We worked hard, and got through a lot in the short period that we had, but it was one of the most productive ballroom lessons I’ve ever had.

I’m looking forward to practicing the lessons that we recorded with him.