MADjam 2015

So, I didn’t become the MADjam Newcomer Jack & Jill Champion today, but I did have a fantastic time in the attempt. I found out this afternoon that I didn’t place in the top 5, like Roger Plaut (Congratulations, Roger!!!!). Just now, I did discover that I came in 8th out of 43 entrants!! Very excited to start working on my next big WCS challenge: preparing for Swing Fling, in August 2015!! But, in the immediate future (for the next two weeks), it’s back to the ballroom world to prepared for Arthur Murray 2015 Spring Freestyles. Gearing up for 22 heats of 11 different dances! Whoa! Have I got my work cut out for me! See ya’ll on the dance floor!!madjam_2015_car.jpg