Project: Making My First Scarf and Hat

The Project

For my first crochet project, I decided to make my wife a new hat and scarf.  Seemed like a good learning project, and with this Winter being what it’s been, I figured those would be things she could actually use!

I began the project with the the scarf, moved on to a test hat, which turned into a nice hat for a stuffed Olaf, then finally figured out how to make a hat that was properly sized for the project and my wife.

The Scarf

The first thing I had to learn when crocheting anything was how to control the tension of the stitches.  I tried to be relaxed and make let it happen, but had a hard time.

The scarf took me about 3 weeks to complete, as I had another project running concurrently (2015 – The Mystery Afghan).

The first stage of the Turquoise's new scarf

The first stage of the Turquoise’s new scarf

The scarf is growing

The scarf is growing

Scarf at five feet

And the scarf grows longer


The Hat

Crochet mistakes

I think this might be a little small for Turquoise

A new hat begins

They beginning of Turquoise’s hat.

Olaf with hats

Olaf with his hat on, showcasing Turquoise’s new hat.


My Models

Olaf with hat

Olaf, sportin’ his brand new hat!

New hats on Turquoise and Olaf

Turquoise and Olaf modeling hats

Turquoise shows off her new hat and scarf

Turquoise – Hat and Scarf model


Such a fun project.  Pretty easy, so long as I followed the instructions in the crochet book!!

Now my honey can stay warm!!  And so can Olaf!!