The Mystery Afghan – Week 3

It seems like it was a really long week this week, between all of the nutty weather (Turquoise was out of school and I stayed home half the day on Thursday) and just getting back into the swing of life after my trip to Groton, CT, the previous couple of weeks.

I didn’t think I was going to come close to getting this week’s work done, until Sunday, when the freezing rain and sleet kept us from going out.  Guess there’s something good that comes from such weather, eh?

The Clue

This week’s clue was a bit delayed, owing to technical difficulties for the Yarnspirations site. The third clue for the project was released on February 24, 2015.  Here it is:

My Progress

This week’s clue contained two separate components.  I added to layers to each of my granny squares, one gray, one dark brown, almost black.  All twenty squares came out fine, but in doing the second layer, I found that I had to fix an occasional mess up on the first layer.

It’s all good now.

Tuesday, February 24

Week 3 first stage

The first stage of the week 3 pattern.

Complete week 3 pattern

The completed week 3 square.

Sunday, March 1

20 completed granny squares

My week 3 squares, all complete. I took a picture of the
back side of one of the squares by accident, lower right.