The Mystery Afghan – Week 2

Fresh off of last week’s twenty square build, I wake up Tuesday morning to find that this week’s mystery clue pattern builds directly on top of last week’s. Literally!

My contrast A color is turquoise-ish blue. That is the color of all of my squares. This week’s clue layers contrast B, lavender/violet, as an accent over top of the squares from last week.

The Clue

The second clue for the project was released on February 17, 2015.  Here it is:

My Progress

At first I thought, “Oh, this will be a breeze!!”  Well, once I figured out the pattern, that is!

Turned out to be easy enough, but the first ten squares were a slow going.  I couldn’t figure out how to hold a square to insert the needle where it needed to go and kept dropping them!

After a about ten it became easier.

I can’t believe, after running up against the deadline last week, that I’m finished with this part of the pattern!  Yay!  That means more time on the scarf I’m working on!!

Tuesday, February 17

Turquoise Granny Square with purple X

My first week 2 square!

10 of 20 Squares completed

10 of 20 Squares completed!

Wednesday, February 18

5 granny squares with accents

Adding five more squares to my pile of those completed

Thursday, February 19

Twenty granny squares with purple accent crosses

The finished week 2 product: 20 granny squares with purple accent crosses!