The Mystery Afghan – Week I

Neil, sporting his new diaper bag

Neil, sporting his new diaper bag

Last fall, I took on a project I never thought I’d ever be able to complete. And to complete with such great results!  I made a quilted diaper bag for my friend, Neil, with mustaches all over it.  So very Neil.

But sewing the bag made me realize how much I miss doing craftsy projects.  As a kid and into my teens, I used to crochet. I tried my hand at knitting. I cross-stitched.  Then in my 20s and 30s, I built plastic motorcycle and car models, as well as lightweight balsa airplane models.

I realized how much I missed doing crafts projects when I made the diaper bag. So I resolved to start doing more projects in my free time between dancing, relocating our primary residence and all of the myriad things that steal away your time (commuting…)

One of the teachers at the dance studio and I were talking about crocheting one day and she mentioned ‘The Mystery Crochet’ that was starting up on The Crochet Crowd website. She was very excited about it, so I looked into it and am now participating!


The general idea of the project is that we make an afghan.  The description of the project is a little more intense The Mystery Afghan,

According to the description, this is a project that will take approximately ten weeks to complete.  Or at least ten weeks for the full project design to be released to those of us doing the project.

My plan is to track my progress on the project while it’s going.  To that end, let’s get started with:


We (the general crocheting public) received our first clue for the project on February 10, 2015.  Here is the first clue:

The first week was hectic, but worked out.  The first few squares took ~1.5 hours to complete, but by the last few, I was down to 35 minutes per square.  I finished the last seven in one evening, whereas my first evening, I might have finished one!

My Progress


Tuesday, February 10

The first round of my first granny square

First round of my first granny square

My first granny square

My first complete granny square

 Thursday, February 12

Beginning the afghan, four squares in!

Beginning the afghan, four squares in!  It’s taking a  bit of time to get the squares done, about 1.25 hours / square.

Sunday, February 15
13 squares
I’m thirteen squares in with the week 1 requirements.
Monday, February 16

20 Complete Granny Squares

I completed week I of the Mystery Afghan. Twenty Granny Squares of “relatively” the same size…