IDB Dance Camp: Day 5

It’s a wrap… Day 5 of the Independence Day Ball Dance Camp is finished.On the one hand I’m sad that it’s over and the dance bubble will soon pop and I’ll have to go back to the world outside of IDB. On the other hand, I AM EXHAUSTED!! This has been grueling!In fact, I’ll let y’all in on a little secret…shhhhhh…don’t tell on me…we. left. camp. early! After the first couple of sessions this morning (“Solo practice exercises” w/Dan Calloway and “Movement without meaning is just exercise” w/Ieva Pauksena), lunch and a session on “Pivots” w/Igor Pilipenchuk, my brain was mush.

Turquoise was feeling about the same, so we said our goodbyes to our new friends, Nancy and Carol, thanked Dan Calloway for the AMAZING workshops, changed our shoes and started the multi-minute trek from Rockville to Arlington. It was great having the Dance Camp in the DC area!! So easy to get home!!

What an amazing week, though!! I learned SOO much from all of the workshops I took, whether they be ballroom dances or West Coast Swing! All of the instructors were amazing and I would totally do it again.

Only next time, I think I’d learn to dance International Style before tackling the workshops. Since we concentrate on American Smooth and Rhythm, I felt like there was a lot we missed out on. Nevertheless, it was a FANTASTIC experience!