IDB Dance Camp: Day 4

Day 4 of Independence Day Ballroom Dance Camp!!Was it hard to get up this morning? Oh yeah!! But once I got going (as in, “Once I’d been dancing for a couple of hours”), it got semi-easier.

My first two ballroom classes this morning were taught by Dan Calloway. The first involved exercise to do daily to make yourself a better dancer. The second was about using your back in the rumba. Both were fantastic.

After the second one, it was lunchtime, so we came back to the room and ate. After lunch, we headed back to workshops: Turquoise to ballroom, me to WCS.

I spent a fun-filled afternoon learning from amazing pros from the DC area, including Debbie Lynn Tuttle & Ken Roesel, Kay Newhouse & Don Herron, Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal. Wow! What a line up!!

With the completion of the WCS workshops, I headed back to the room to get changed and have dinner before the evening of excitement.

This evening, we were able to do both ballroom dance and WCS at separate events. The IDB semi-formal ball was held in Ballroom A and the WCS social was held in the hotel atrium. Both were a BLAST, though I was so wiped from the day that it became harder and harder to dance!!

Kind of like writing at this moment. Harder and harder, until…Zzzz…