IDB Dance Camp: Day 3

Day 3 of Independence Day Ball Dance Camp…Have the joints in your toes been really SORE? How about the balls of your feet? Have you ever felt like maybe your feet were going to fall off? Well, that’s about how mine feel right now…Day 3 of Dance Camp was LOOOONG!! And AWESOME!!!

Started the day with two Latin style workshops with Bas van der Zanden: “Dynamic contrast for effect and fun” and “Spins, turn, spirals”. Incredible. A really enjoyable, amusing teacher with a lot of dynamism!! Loved it!

Next, got my butt kicked in two workshops with Katyusha Wilder: “Rumba – Mechanics. What is Balance” and “Samba – Fundamentals: Timing, bounce, leg action, basic figures – Part 2”. Katyusha is amazing as well. She is go, go, go. Such a fantastic teacher.

You can tell that Katyusha and Russ Wilder LOVE teaching. The sessions are 50 minutes long and at 50 minutes, they are both trying to fit more into their lessons. Today, both session with Katyusha ran to an hour and yesterday, both that I had with Russ ran the same. The only reason they didn’t run longer was that the ballrooms were needed for the next workshop!!!

And, I guess that four hours of ballroom was all I could take, cuz I switched over to West Coast Swing at 3PM and kept right on going! It was a BLAST!

I am doing the “fundamentals” track in WCS, so I had four one-hour workshops in the afternoon/evening focusing on the basics of the dance. I love that I can still get so much out of beginner workshops!! Not that I’m not a beginner…SO much to learn!!!

In the evening, we went to the WCS social dance in the big ballroom. In fact, the big ballroom was made even bigger when they opened up the doors between Ballrooms A and B.

Both Turquoise and I participated in the Jack N’ Jills. It was so exciting and fun being out on the floor with the OUTRAGEOUS number of folks that signed up in the Novice category! I think there were 40-ish guys and 40-ish gals that competed. And before you ask, no, we did not make the finals, but we DID actually get to dance together for the final dance of Turquoise’s three heats. That was AWESOME!

Afterward, we danced a few dances and headed off to the showers. It was a HOT and STICKY night in the ballroom!

What a BLAST!!