IDB Dance Camp: Day 2

Happy Independence Day to All!!Day 2 of the Independence Day Ball Dance Camp was very eventful. I took workshops in Samba; Basic Principles in Latin Dances; Viennese Waltz; Lead, Follow, Connection; and dropped a Quickstep class one-third of the way through (it was too hard to learn the basic amalgamation to get anything out of the technique in the class).My favorite workshop today was the Lead, Follow, Connection workshop. It was great because Russ and Katyusha team taught the workshop. They focused on the way that one leads, another follows, through trust, physical contact, and visual guidance. It was really amazing!The samba workshop was led by Katyusha and was pretty brutal. She concentrated on basic action in the samba and by the time we got done, I was totally unsure of what I was doing. I watched Katyusha and others, but sometimes when I do something too much, I start to question whether I’m even doing it right!!!

After the workshops, Turquoise and I headed out to get some groceries and then came back to the room to get ready for our trip down to the Mall for fireworks. Yes, we became tourists in our hometown!!

Along with about 20 IDBers, we caught the Red Line down to the Mall and hung out for a couple of hours before the fireworks began. Amongst the amusing things seen: a small dog in tennis shoes (yes, four of them).

The fireworks were pretty and big and spectacular, but only 20 minutes, so not nearly long enough!!

The trip back to the hotel was fun. Turquoise and I met some people. (In fact, we met Nancy from Des Moines, IA, in March when she was here for a friend’s daughter’s wedding. Walked in on Wednesday and was like, ‘I know you!’ Took a few minutes to work it out, but realized we’d met at The Carlyle Club in Alexandria!!!)

Anyway, the six of us waited for awhile till the crowd died down, then we took our merry time wandering back to the Metro station. By the time we got there, the lines were letting up and we got back to the hotel quickly. The walk was a bit tough for ALL of us: after several days of ballroom dancing, going on a trek like that was quite wearing on the feet!!

Another good day for dance. Tomorrow: WEST COAST SWING!!!!