IDB Dance Camp: Day 1

What a great day at the Independence Day Ball Dance Camp!!

Started the day with a Dancesport Endurance workout, followed by 7 hours of workshops in Rumba, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Cha cha cha, Balance and Counterbalance, Heel Turns in Foxtrot, Basic Principles in Ballroom Dance.

At the end of the long day of workshops, we had the opportunity to sit down at a “Pizza with the Pros” session and ask questions. Actually, we just listened to questions sent in by other participants, but we found out lots of interesting things about the pros: their favorite students, their stories about romance in the ballroom world, likes and dislikes in judging. A very cool session.

Afterward, we came back to our luxurious suite at the Hilton and unpacked our provisions for the campaign. I can’t believe how much food we brought for a 5 day camp. Crazy thing: We’ll probably eat most of it! And not gain an ounce!!

Can’t wait for tomorrow! I feel like a kid with five consecutive Christmas’ back-to-back!!