Day 18: Bruges, Belgium

This morning we jumped out of bed at 6:15 am.  Mostly we jumped because our phones were plugged in at the end of the bed and we had to turn off the alarm.

After getting ready, we headed down for a nice breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then hopped onto the tour bus for a rainy drive to Bruges by 8:30 am.

We arrived at Bruges about 20 minutes early, but Nandor had called ahead to our guide and she was there when we arrived.

Our guide’s name was Lieve and like all of the guides one this trip, she was fantastic.  Very knowledgable about the town!!

First Views of Bruges
IMG 2838 IMG 2840

Our walking tour took about 2 hours, with us winding and wending our ways down the narrow streets and alleys, through hidden corridors and over cute little bridges.

On the Walking Tour
IMG 2846 IMG 2853
IMG 2863
IMG 2847
IMG 2858 IMG 2857
IMG 2868 IMG 2865
IMG 7407
IMG 2889 IMG 2882

Bruges is an old medieval city, which was not destroyed during the first or second world wars.  It has many of the old structures that have been there for since the Middle Ages and is just a darling little city.

More of the Darling Little City
IMG 2895 IMG 2900
IMG 7435
IMG 2896
IMG 5274 IMG_7519
IMG 7438
IMG 7424
IMG 7480 IMG 5268

After the tour, we headed off with our tour companions, Audrey and Larry from Monterrey, CA, to have lunch at a café called the “Brassrie Chagal.”  Lieve had suggested it during the tour, and they had moules (mussels), which Larry really wanted.

Turquoise had a shrimp croquette and I had the chef’s eel dish.  Both were exquisite!

Lunch at Brassrie Chagal
IMG 7523 IMG 7524

After lunch, Turquoise and I wandered back to a Christmas store that we’d seen during the tour. We had wandered back through the tour route and found it after about half an hour.

Christmas Store!
IMG 7431
IMG 5340
IMG 5344
IMG 5348

After doing some shopping in the store, and buying some cute ornaments, we headed back to find the waffle place that Lieve had recommended, only to find that it was closed, so we turned around and went back to the waffle shop next to the Christmas store.

We sure did a lot of walkin’ just to get to two places!

Once we’d partaken of our waffles (Turquoise had Nutella, I had white and dark chocolate), we walked back to the bus to meet up with the rest of the group for the rain ride back to Ghent.

Last Views of Bruges
IMG 5352 IMG 5356 IMG 5354

Back at Ghent, Turquoise and I went searching for an ATM and found both it and a Belgian Fry place.  So that was dinner.  Oh, so healthy!!

Byl and His New Buddy
IMG 5359 IMG 5360

Although it was only 6:30 pm, we headed back to the hotel and called it a day.  Wanted to enjoy our palatial room before giving it up the next morning!!