Day 17: Ghent, Belgium

We arose at 6:15 to get ready for our next big adventure: leaving The Netherlands, heading to Belgium.

We finished packing up our baggage and  headed down to a good breakfast at the Renaissance restaurant around 7:15.  We saw our travel companions for the first time since we got off the canal boat in Amsterdam.

Breakfast at the Renaissance
IMG 7092

After a hearty breakfast, we headed back to our room to grab our bags, but since we still had an hour till the bus, we stopped off in the lounge to play a game of chess.

Afterward we headed up to the room, only to find a bellman raiding our room to retrieve the luggage for transport.  A little unsettling, since we had the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door, but at least he had the cart and we didn’t have to carry it ourselves!

At 9:00 am, we hopped on the bus, after verifying our luggage and we were on our way.

The trip was uneventful.  A little traffic, but we still arrived at Ghent 12:20, right on time.

On the Road to Ghent
IMG 7116 IMG 5103
IMG 5105 IMG 5108

After departing the bus, we made our way through our new hotel, the Sandton “Grand Hotel Reylof,” to our room.  The room was massive!

Our Next New Home, the Sandton “Grand Hotel Reylof”
IMG 7124 IMG 7140
IMG 7127 IMG 7130
IMG 7143
IMG 7148
IMG 7147

Once we’d gotten ourselves situated in our room, we went out exploring and to find a little lunch.  We wandered around the area near our hotel, then when we couldn’t find anything, we went a bit farther afield.  Finally, we turned a corner and there were three or four huge, picturesque churches over a bridge, so we did what good tourists do: we took lots of photos.

First Trip Through Ghent
IMG 5117 IMG 5111 IMG 5118
IMG 5126

We finished with our photos and  found a nice little restaurant to enjoy lunch at.

Lunch at Brasserie Borluut
IMG 7168 IMG 7169

By 3:00 pm, we found our way back to the hotel for a walking tour of the city of Ghent.

Walking Tour of Ghent
IMG 7180 IMG 5143
IMG 7191 IMG 7225
IMG 7218
IMG 7195
IMG 5199 2
IMG 5154 IMG 7200
IMG 5189 IMG 7240
IMG 5193
IMG 5183
IMG 5173 IMG 7231
IMG 5203 2
IMG 7247 IMG 5177
IMG 5197 2
IMG 7250

After the tour, we spent an hour wandering around the city and eating waffles and ice cream.

Post Walking Tour – The Tour Continues
IMG 7256 IMG 7257 IMG 5209 2
IMG 5217 2 IMG 5219
IMG 7270 IMG 7272
IMG 7274 IMG 7285

The evening was completely low key, with us doing some final laundry and relaxing for a few hours.